Installing VMwareTools on BackTrack in VMwareFusion

What you need:

Quick Overview:

  1. Setup your virtual machine.
  2. Make a directory for the VMware Tools DVD to mount to.
  3. Mount the VMware Tools image.
  4. Copy the VMware tools source to your virtual machine.
  5. Untar the source.
  6. Install VMware tools from source.

Step by step:

  1. Setup your virtual machine. Explain
  2. Click on the little black icon third from the left in the lower corner of the window to open a "Shell - Konsole."
  3. Type mkdir /mnt/hdc then hit enter.
  4. Press "Command" and "Control" together to return to OS X.
  5. In the VMWare Fusion tool bar at the top of the computer, go to Virtual Machine->Update VMware Tools.
  6. When it warns you to have your virtual machine running, just click "Install."
  7. In the open Konsole type mount /dev/disk/by-id/ata-VMware_Virtual_IDE_CDROM_DRIVE_10000000000000000001 /mnt/hdc/ and hit enter.
  8. Now type cp /mnt/hdc/VMwareTools-8.2.3-204229.tar.gz /tmp/ and hit enter.
  9. Next type cd /tmp/ and hit enter.
  10. Type tar -zxvf VMwareTools-8.2.3-204229.tar.gz and hit enter.
  11. Type ./vmware-tools-distrib/vmware-install.pl and hit enter.
  12. Hit enter to accept all the default install settings, or change them if you know what you're doing.
  13. Click the KDE icon in the lower left corner of the virtual machine, and select "Log Out..."
  14. Click "Log out."
  15. Type reboot and hit enter.
  16. When the virtual machine starts back up, repeat steps 12 through 14 hidden above.

Still confused?:

Try this tutorial with pictures.