Active: 1hr.
Cooking: 2hrs
36 large corn husks (at least)
4 Cups masa
2.25 tsp sea salt
2.66 Cups chicken broth
1 Cup lard
.5 tsp garlic powder
2.25 tsp baking powder (optional)
1 Lb mexican cheese
5 large peppers of your choice (maybe more if you like small peppers)


Prepare the Husks:
Separate the large husks from the small ones.
Boil some water.
Weigh down the big husks in hot water and let soak for about 1hr.
Once done(very pliable) rinse husks and dry with salad spinner.

Prepare the Steamer:
Make sure you have two inches of room below the steam tray for water.
Add two inches of water and a couple pennies, making sure water wont touch the tamales.
Bring to a soft boil where you can hear the pennies rattling.
Turn heat to low to keep at a low boil.
Line the bottom of the steam tray with corn husks.

Make the Filling:
Roast and peel the chilies.
Cut into 3/8" strips.
Cut cheese into 2.5x.5" strips.

Make the Dough:
Using an electric mixer, beat the lard with salt, garlic powder and baking powder (if desired) until fluffy(about 5 minutes).
Beat in Masa in 4 additions.
Reduce speed to low and gradually beat in broth until dough is tender.
Test dough by dropping a pea sized piece into water. Add more broth/warm water to dough until it floats.

Make the Tamales:
Do this part as quick as possible. Make sure the water is boiling by the time you are done rolling the tamales.
Open the corn husks on the work surface.
Spread a little of the dough on the corn husk. Flatten it out with the back of a spoon or your fingers. The dough should go from the top to a couple inches off the bottom and a couple inches from each side. Add a strip or two of pepper and a strip or two of cheese. Fold the bottom of the corn husk in then roll.

Cook the Tamales:
Stand the tamales up in your pot. By packing them in tightly they will stay upright.
Cover with a thick layer or corn husks or cotton towel.
Cover the pot very tightly.
Cook until tamales are firm/spongy and separate easily from the husk: ~1.5-2.5hrs.
If additional water is required add hot/warm water to the pot.