Thanks for coming to the donations part of my website. There are many reasons a person might want to donate money to me. Below I will list a few good ones, and a few bad ones.

You like my website and:
Want to help pay my hosting fees.
Want me to write more articles.
Just want to say thanks.
You like one of my products(like BUI) and:
Want to help pay my material fees--which add up quite quickly.
Want me to come out with the next version.
Are very appreciative of the current version.

You found warez through my site and:
Want to pay for them.
Want me to provide more of them.
Want to find out how to get more of them.

Why are those reasons bad? If anyone should be getting any kind of money for software, it should definitely be the developer. If you don't want to pay how much their asking, or even if you do; don't buy there product, just give them your money. I'm sure any company will receive an anonymous donation. I don't want anyone to pay me for anything I didn't do.

Thanks for hearing me out. If you wish to proceed, here's the donate button:

P.S. If you want to specify a cause you want your donated money to go to, you can enter it in the purpose field on the paypal page.

Other ways to help:
Do you have a website? If you do, linking to my website would really help me out.