Take me to the optimizer.

What is the website optimizer?

The website optimizer is a free and easy way to speed up your website's code. The optimizer can make changes and suggestions on any html, php and css code. Simply select any html or php file, choose which optimizations you want to make and let the processor do the rest. It will return a modified version of your file with a list of changes made and some suggestions for ways to improve the speed of your script even more if possible.

Why you should optimize your website:

Keep more traffic
Users expect sites to load instantly. Every second your site takes to load, browsers switch to another site. By optimizing your code you make your website load faster and increase your traffic.
Save bandwidth
HTML optimizations make your site more compressible. Server-side compression engines like gzip and mod_deflate look for patterns when compressing your website's code. By putting tags and tag attributes in the same order and using the same syntax all the time, you increase the amount your site can be compressed. A more compressed site means quicker load times and less bandwidth—which is especially nice if you pay for bandwidth.
Use less processing power
Inefficient php code robs servers of their processing power and slows down websites. Fixing php bugs can result in significantly faster page load times. More efficient code means you can pay less for processing and RAM but get the same amount done in the same amount of time.
It's easy
All you have to do is find the file you want to upload and click process. There are six optimization preferences and four built in presets if you want even more control.
It's free
That's right, it's 100% free.

Optimizations and suggestions available: